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L’abbaye et le caveau de dégustation sont ouverts du Mardi au Vendredi de 14h à 18h ET le weekend ainsi que les jours fériés, de 10h à 18h.

FERME LE  LUNDI, Fermé les samedis et dimanches matins en Janvier.

The abbey and wine tasting are open Tuesdays Fridays 2 to 6pm AND on weekends and Holidays  from 10 am until 6pm.

FERME LE  LUNDI, Fermé les samedis et dimanches matins en Janvier.

Depuis le 21 Juillet, le passe sanitaire est OBLIGATOIRE; il vous sera demandé à l’entrée du site.


Ouvert les samedis et dimanches midis uniquement. Fermeture annuelle en Janvier.
Réservation conseillée au 04 67 78 13 64 ou à auberge-resa@valmagne.com

A partir du 1er Août, le pass sanitaire sera OBLIGATOIRE; il vous sera demandé à l’entrée du restaurant. 

Open lunchtimes (except Mondays) from the 23rd Octobre to the 7th November.
From 8th Novembre, open saturday and sunday lunchtimes.
Bookings : +33(4)67781364 or auberge-resa@valmagne.com

* Pour les groupes, le restaurant est ouvert toute l’année sur demande au 04 67 78 13 64 ou par e-mail à groupes@valmagne.com

For group bookings, the restaurant is open year round, upon request – 04 67 78 13 64 or email groupes@valmagne.com

Bonne et heureuse année 2022 à tous!


A diversity of terroirs expressed in three different cuvees

Young, supple and fruity wines


These wines are wines of conviviality.
We want them to be pleasant from their earliest days and to transmit the true taste of the grapes.
The whites are aromatic with notes of white peach and apricot with a welcome freshness under the Languedocien climate.
The rosés are fond and greedy, full of fruit and accompany perfectly the foretaste.

The red has a great personality and morrastel expresses itself wonderfully.
Assembled with Carignan and Grenache, the whole is fresh and full of red fruits.

The personality wines that express terroir


Portalis refers to Jean-Baptiste PORTALIS who built the cellar in 1920 based on the principle of gravity.
Used in all major areas, this principle makes it possible to transfer the vinified juices gently.
This precursor was a family personality who greatly developed the vineyard of Valmagne.

The red wines are a blend of syrah, mourvèdre and grenache.
Nose scrubland and red fruits are found in the mouth with soft tannins and a nice freshness.
No heaviness or over-ripening or extraction, all is very harmonious.

White wines express roussane and marsanne.
The limestone of the hillsides brings a great minerality that integrates into a beautiful material with floral notes.
The balance is perfect.

The rosé takes its name from the little daughter of the Count of Turenne who bought the Abbey: Suzanne de Nicolaÿ.
Born Turenne, she married the Marquis de Nicolaÿ and restored the small chapel affixed to the church to maintain Valmagne a sacred aspect lost to the revolution.
This rosé of great gastronomy is made by bleeding from our vats of syrah, mourvèdre and grenache.
From a great freshness with aromas mixing spices and red fruits the mouth and long and precise.
The low volumes produced each year make this rosé an exceptional wine.

The wines of finesse and structure


It is in 1838 that the abbey enters the family, and it is the Comte de Turenne who acquires it.
To give it one of our great cuvées seemed obvious.

The nose is clear, it combines aromas of breeding with flavors of red fruits and black sun-drenched; also come flavors of stone fruit slightly macerated (sloe and cherry).
At aeration, we find these farmhouse fragrances (cocoa beans and coffee with milk) with roasted, roasted and smoked notes.
Nice attack ample, full, fleshy which restores these fruity and Mediterranean perfumes.
The evolution is more robust, the dense material integrates tannins present and quality.
There is certainly power and virility in contrast there is freshness and a nice aromatic spectrum.
The set still has all the ingredients to age well.
Final on spices and farm notes.

The son of the Earl of Turenne named himself Edmond and we attribute to him our great white wine.
The production is low and the 1500 bottles produced annually are popular with lovers of great white wines.
The roussane on terroir scrubland express themselves in finesse.
The slight passage in barrels brings complexity and elegance to the notes of fennel and acacia.

The great wines

de Bonzi

Cardinal Pierre de Bonzi was the governor of the states of Languedoc under Louis XIV.
According to Saint Simon he was the real representative of the king in Languedoc and he made Valmagne his place of privileged residence.
When the vintage is exceptional, we make a fine selection of our best plots to produce this great wine.
The garnet has a surprising youth, very deep with nuances on the black cherry, a high viscosity with multiple tears.
Nose very expressive, racy and elegant we start on the perfumes of black fruits very walls (blackberry, blackcurrant, and blueberry), cherry stone fruit, macerated fruit, then comes a balsamic register of the most beautiful effect (garrigue, thyme, laurel, cade, juniper wood and black olives) and then go on to well-integrated farming notes (smoked, toasted, toasted roasted and mocha).
A wine that sends heavy with impunity both in terms of structure and perfumes.

Surely it is a great wine with, of course, the power but also the creaminess, the fullness and an aromatic palette of Mediterranean and fruity flavors.
It is a rich wine with opulent material and soft tannins.
Very long finish on spices and vanilla chocolate notes and very persistent smoke.

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