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Farmhouse Inn

“Here the food heals the body when the wine raises the soul”.

It was Laurence and Philippe d’Allaines who created the inn-restaurant in 2011. The concept is simple: to offer garden produce and local producers, all organic.
A very natural and tasty cuisine, with Languedoc scents.
Aromatic and elegant wines, from organic farming, grown and raised on the domain of the Abbey of Valmagne.

The recipes found on the map were created by Laurence d’Allaines. His mantra is “flavors, scents and color” and that’s what we found in the plate!
Beyond the recipes, Laurence has also created the kitchen garden and contributed to the development of the medieval garden, both of which are essential for the proper functioning of our inn-restaurant!

Color, scent, flavor

Recipes & Products

You can enjoy authentic and gourmet dishes.
A very natural and tasty cuisine, with Languedoc scents.

All our products are FRESH and COOKED ON SITE with seasonal ingredients, mainly FARMERS and LOCAUX.
They come from the direct exploitation of the abbey or from neighboring producers working in organic farming and or reasoned.

The restaurant “Ferme Auberge” is attached to the winery of the Abbey.
In the vineyards were added 4 vegetable gardens and orchards grown in organic agriculture on more than 2 hectares.

The majority of vegetables, fruits and herbs served at the restaurant come from our gardens.

The selected meats and cheeses are local: more than 80% of meats, eggs and cheeses come “live” from local producers in organic farming and / or practicing “reasoned” outdoor farming.

Finally, our wines from the vineyard of the abbey, are aromatic, elegant and cultivated in organic farming.

Laurent, key character of the restaurant

The head chef

Chef Laurent NADAUD, a longtime pillar of the restaurant, passionately cooks the plants, flowers and vegetables he has pampered all winter in our garden and grills meat with brio.

Source of benefits and flavors

Our vegetable gardens

Our gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens worked in organic agriculture on 2 hectares for more than 10 years supply us with edible flowers, aromatic plants and seasonal vegetables.
We select local seeds of old varieties, favoring the flavor and the colors.
We ourselves make our cuttings of perennials, small fruits and shrubs, our seedlings partly, and our purines to strengthen the tonicity of the plants.

Essential partners who share our values

Our producers

  • AMAP BIO – Magali & Denis DORQUES, fruits et légumes, Villeveyrac (34)
  • FERME GAEC DES AGRIOLLES – Dominique SOULIE, Cochon, La Boissière (34)
  • MOULIN DE LA DENTELLE – Olives – Villeveyrac (34)
  • FERME GAEC LAFON de LACAN – Odile & Daniel, Chevriers, Saint-Pargoire (34)
  • FERME DES SAVEURS – Chevriers BIO – Nelly BRODU – Villeveyrac (34)
  • JARDIN D’HAVILA, oeufs bio (Ecocert) – Antoinette, Montbazin (34)
  • MAS SAINT MARTIN, fruits & légumes, Olivier et Chantal COZON (34)
  • Hugues RICOMES (34)
  • Ferme des LACS, M. Mme Assemat, Canards Angles (81)
  • GAEC de Causse, Bœuf et Agneau – Cirque Navacelles (30)
  • Ferme GAEC DU SERRELIS – Charles COMPAN, Veau St Felix (34)
  • GAEC des CAZES, Famille FRAYSSE, SauveTerre Canards (82)
  • Riz Noir et Rouge de Camargue – SARL BENOIT – St Gilles (13)
  • Lou CATADOU maison Pourthie Volailles Candillargues (34)
  • Comptoir des Paysans d’Oc, 20 producteurs Latte (34)
  • Comptoir Paysan de Clermont-l’Hérault (34
  • SARL Benoît, Riz Noir et Rouge -St Gilles (30)
  • DISTRIBIO, à Mèze ou BIOCOOP, à Balaruc (34)

Flavor-flavored color

The chart

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The cooking

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